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Personal Finance

Find personal finance top news, headlines, and videos from credit cards, mortgages, retirement, savings, taxes, and more from CNBC's Personal Finance section.
  1. While fewer than half of parents plan to ask friends and family to contribute to their children's 529 college savings plans, more than 80% would welcome it.
  2. Lawmakers are poised to consider the fate of a federal paid family leave proposal, and the outcome could have political consequences in 2022.
  3. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is increasing oversight of banks with a heavy reliance on overdraft fees for revenue, the agency said Wednesday.
  4. It's not too soon to start planning ahead for next year's finances.
  5. There are significant changes for the 2021 tax season. Here’s what filers need to know and how to prepare, according to experts.
  6. The majority of U.S. employers now have, or plan to have, a vaccine mandate in place as return-to-work plans are pushed back again.
  7. Some investors are looking to direct their money to companies with more women on their boards and in management. A growing number of funds make it easy to do.
  8. In October, there were 9.44 million self-employed Americans, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. What to know about finances before freelancing.
  9. Workers age 70 and over were more likely to retire amid Covid-19, and they likely already claimed Social Security retirement benefits before the pandemic began.
  10. It’s possible to score a write-off for cash donations of up to $600 on Giving Tuesday, even if you don’t itemize deductions. Here’s what donors need to know.

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